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Club rules



1. Constitution


"Terre dei Consoli Golf Club SSD arl was formed on  01.02.2011 with registered office in Rome, Via Caldonazzo 22/a, as a non-profit organisation, whose corporate mission is the promotion and organisation of amateur sporting activities, including educational activities, with specific reference to golf.


The Company and its bodies are governed by the Statute and the applicable laws, while these rules are intended primarily to regulate the various aspects of admission, the categories, the rights and obligations of members and visitors, as defined in art. 3.


2. Sports facilities and affiliations


The Company entered into a rental agreement which allows it exclusive use of the sports facilities known as “Terre dei Consoli Golf Club”, located in Monterosi (VT), Via S. Maria Valle snc., and as obtained affiliation to the Italian Golf Federation whose statutory rules and regulations it fully accepts, along with the sporting and disciplinary jurisdiction, it also accepts the rules and directives of the CONI.


For the purposes of the above and, in general, the provisions of these Rules, "Sports Facilities" refers to the property complex and its appurtenances, and the premises dedicated to the practice of golf and other ASD Golf Club Terre dei Consoli activities, and thus the two courses, the driving range and other practice facilities, club house, the golf academy and the cart paths, the connection to the residential areas, the concierge and whatever else it is deemed necessary and functional to the sport.


3. Members and Visitors


In pursuit of its corporate purpose through the promotion and diffusion of the game of golf, the Company intends to conduct its business not only in favour of its shareholders holding a stake in the share capital, but also in favour of a wider group of people, allowing them the use of the golf facilities (each according to the specific category) and membership in the Italian Golf Federation.


In these rules and within the internal organisation of the sports club, people who are not holders of share capital of the Company and who have obtained admission to the category of members according to the rules and the procedures laid out below are collectively referred to as "Members".


4. Rules


The Rules below contains the set of rules of conduct to be adopted to determine the use of the facilities of the Golf Club "Terre dei Consoli" and, as required by statute, they have been approved by the shareholders. The President and the Board of Directors of the Club are responsible for compliance with the rules of orderly and civil behaviour on the part of users of the sports facilities.


The Shareholders' Meeting, in ordinary session, has the right to amend, extend or abolish any rule in this set of rules whenever it deems it appropriate and / or necessary. Any changes will be announced via display on the bulletin board and such changes and / or additions are henceforth approved by members.


The Board of Directors will take and make known decisions aimed at regulating disciplinary matters and specific situations not covered by these Rules.


Members re entitled to file complaints against other members, members' guests or third parties admitted to use the Sports Facilities, if they consider that there have been violations of these Rules or behaviour contrary to the rules of orderly and civil coexistence has been displayed. Any complaints will be considered only if submitted to the Secretary of the Club in writing and preferably with the aid of a witness. The Secretary shall immediately send complaints to the Board of Directors, which will independently assess the actions and / or any measures to be taken and, if appropriate conditions are met, forward to the Disciplinary Bodies.


These Rules are binding on members, their guests and third parties admitted to use the Sports Facilities within the limits and according to the provisions set out below.



5. Etiquette


Members and their guests are required to care of and respect the property of the Sports Facilities and assume behaviour based on good manners and respect for others when in the facilities. Members are liable for any damage to the property of the Sports Facilities, even if it is caused by their guests. Even unintentional damage to property of the Sports Facilities must be reported to the Secretary immediately. The club staff is responsible for the areas for which it is employed and the proper operation of services within the Sports facilities in the collective interest and not that of individual members. Members and their guests are expected to behave respectfully towards staff. Comments and complaints concerning the staff should be communicated to the Secretary and not directly to the staff concerned.


The club shall not be liable for damages incurred by members or their guests caused by third parties other than staff or be responsible in any way for the custody of goods brought into the Sports Facilities by members or their guests.


Members are required to observe the following standards of behaviour:


- Always wear appropriate clothing for the environment: t-shirts, overalls, hot - pants, leggings,  faded or ripped jeans are not permitted; the wearing of golf shoes with metal studs is not permitted in all rooms of the clubhouse;


- All guests and members should respect the opening hours of the Sports Facilities established by the Secretariat in consultation with the Board of Directors and exhibited on the notice board;


- Smoking in the club house is only allowed in any areas designated for that purpose, smoking is not allowed in other enclosed spaces. Outside, use the appropriate ashtrays for cigarettes found everywhere on the property;


- A moderate tone of voice is to be maintained on the paths, in the club house and their vicinity to avoid disturbing others and specifically the players;


- The use of mobile phones is allowed throughout the clubhouse, golf academy and golf course, as long as they are on silent mode (vibrate only);


- Use of the cart paths is restricted to players and, during competitions, also to the spectators; - Parking cars, motorcycles, bicycles or other means of transport outside the assigned area is prohibited, road signs and prohibitions must be respected;


- Gambling and betting not permitted by law are prohibited;


- Radios (not equipped with earphones), musical instruments and the like should not be used on the paths, in the club house and their vicinity;


- Dogs and other pets may not be brought into the club house, the golf academy or other enclosed spaces.


6. Membership


Members are required to pay fees according to the amounts established annually by the Board of Directors. Locker and cover rental are optional paid services.


Annual or multi-year membership is automatically renewed for the same period unless cancelled by registered mail to be sent to the Secretary of the Club at least three months prior to expiry, with effect from the following 1 January.


The deadline for the payment of annual fees, the fees for FIG membership and the fees for the requested services at the club is set at 15 January of each year.


Without any formal notification reminder, on 1 February, a penalty of 50 (fifty) Euros for late payment will be applied to be added to the annual membership fee. If payment is not made by 1 March, the member's right to access the premises and the sports facilities shall be suspended until their situation is regularised. Suspension of access to the Club does not mean any proportional reduction in annual fees, fees due and penalties.


The Board of Directors, the Club managers and Marketing managers have the right to invite guests without limitation, in the interest of promoting the image of the Club. The payment of green fees and all services for these guests will be the same as the usual Club rates unless otherwise approved in writing by the Board of Directors.


7. Club House


Use of the club house is reserved for members and their guests as well as instructors and non-member players. The Secretariat, with the approval of the Board of Directors, may authorise third parties to use the clubhouse for the organisation of events.


8. Changing rooms


The changing rooms are reserved exclusively for players. Members may request the use of lockers from the Secretary. Members are responsible for locker keys and, in case of loss, they are responsible for replacing the lock. Members are requested to keep the changing room clean and tidy. For reasons of hygiene, clothing should not be left permanently out of the lockers in the changing room, except shoes, which should be kept under the benches for this purpose. Golfers who are not renewing their membership for the following year must remove all their golf equipment and make the locker available promptly, but no later than 10 days from the date of expiry of their membership.


9. Bag Storage


Access to the bag deposit premises is reserved only for the service staff of the Club. Equipment left out of the bag deposit are considered unattended. The Club is not responsible for equipment and clubs not returned to the caddy master.


10. Practice Facilities


Practice is only allowed on the driving range, the pitching green and the putting green. Children under the age of five years may not practice unless approval of the Sports Commission has been obtained. Children aged between 5 and 10 years may only have access to the driving range, pitching green and putting green when accompanied by an adult or by an instructor. Practice is only permitted in specially indicated areas. The Secretary and the Club Manager have the option to limit the use of tees where new grass is growing. In this case special mats must be used for practice. It is strictly forbidden to:


- Collect or steal the practice balls on the driving range;


- Use practice balls on the paths;


11. Penalties and referrals


Violating these Rules may result in a fine or referral to disciplinary bodies, depending on the severity of the violation.




1. Board of Directors


The Association is governed by a Board of Directors, as part of the criteria and of the powers specified in art. 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 of the Articles of Association.


2. Steering Committee


The Board of Directors appoints, for ordinary management, a steering committee composed of three to seven members, who shall hold office, if not revoked, until the expiry of the Board by which it was nominated.


The steering committee is delegated by the Board to monitor the administrative, sporting and organisational management of the Club.


The Steering Committee meets periodically, as required, and also agrees to observe and enforce the Statute and the Organic Regulation of FIG ensuring the transparency of all acts and publishing of resolutions.


3. Sports Committee


Sports activities of the Association are organised by a special Sports Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors and composed in accordance with art. 27 of the Articles of Association.


The Sports Committee shall elect its Chairman and make decisions in the presence of at least half plus one of its members; resolutions are taken by majority vote; in case of a tie, the Chairman's vote counts twice. In the event that one of the members should leave office for any reason, they shall be replaced by a person designated by the Steering Committee and the appointment must be ratified by the Board of Directors.


The Sports Committee:


a. Submits to the Steering Committee proposals for the organisation of events and initiatives useful for publicising golfing, for the compilation of the social calendar and for the use of and any changes to sports facilities;


b. Provides training of competitive teams representing the Association;


c. Supervises the preparation of the players to take part in competitions;


d. Supervises the correct conduct of sports activities with the capability of issuing written warnings; e. Where it is deemed a violation relating to the rules of golf has been committed, whether by members or guests of the Club, which could lead to disciplinary action, it is required to immediately notify the Secretary for forwarding to the relevant bodies to impose penalties. The Sports Committee may act as, or nominate, the permanent Competition Committee for normal competitive activity and Benefits Committee, as required by the FIG









According to art. 28 of the Articles of Association, except in areas that fall within the competence of the federal bodies of justice, disputes concerning the activity and behaviour of Club goers and those who play sports on the company premises shall be referred exclusively for judgement the Disciplinary Body of first instance and to the Disciplinary Committee of second instance. The final decisions of disciplinary bodies imposing one of the penalties provided for in the following articles shall be posted as an extract on the company notice board for a period of fifteen days, unless the governing bodies impose a longer term in certain cases. 1. DISCIPLINARY BODY OF FIRST INSTANCE


The disciplinary body of first instance is constituted and operates in accordance with art. 29 of the Articles of Association.


Except for areas that fall within the competence of the federal bodies of justice, it shall judge all cases of indiscipline, of non-compliance with the associative and federal regulations, as well as the moral, civil and sporting misconduct of members and amateur athletes as such.


It shall intervene and pass judgement whenever it becomes aware of one of the cases provided for in the preceding paragraph.


It may impose the following penalties:


a) Written warning


b) Written reprobation


c) Temporary suspension of right to access the facilities and premises of the Company or take part in sporting activities.


d) Exclusion


The disciplinary body shall decide after hearing the parties concerned and any witnesses and carrying out other inquiries it deems appropriate. The decision must be in writing, with succinct reasoning and filed with the secretary of the Company. A copy of it must be communicated to the parties concerned, to the counter-parties and the Chairman of the Board of Directors, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.


Members or amateur players dealt one of the disciplinary measures mentioned above, members or amateur players of the counter-party and the Company may appeal against the measure adopted, stating the specific grounds of appeal, to the Disciplinary Committee of the second instance, within fifteen days of notification of the decision.


In the absence of an appeal within that period, the decision becomes final. Pending the decision on appeal, the measures adopted by the body of first instance shall not be publicised.


The disciplinary body of first instance is also competent to decide on any dispute concerning the relationship and social life arising between members and the Company, as an "amicable arbitration body" under and within the limits laid down in article 80 of the FIG Statutes




The Disciplinary Committee of Second Instance is constituted and operates in accordance with art. 30 of the Articles of Association.


The Committee is competent to judge on appeals brought by the parties concerned or by counter-parties or by the Company against measures issued the body of first instance. Against exclusion measures, the appeal may be brought directly to the shareholders, acting in the ordinary session.


The Committee shall decide after hearing the parties concerned. It may also examine witnesses and carry out other investigations if it deems such action necessary for the decision. Appealing to the Committee of Second Instance does not have the effect of suspending the contested measure.


The Commission also acts as the appeal body against penalties pronounced by the body of first instance acting as "amicable arbitration body", in accordance with the last paragraph of the previous article.


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